How do I get invited to be a member of The Rho Chi Society?

Eligibility for membership is based on high attainment in scholarship and leadership. All Pharm.D candidates selected for membership must have completed at least 50% of the didactic coursework of the curriculum and be among the top 20% of their class. All PhD student candidates must have completed all of their coursework, passed their qualifying exams, be among the top 20% of their class, and be recommended by their Department Chair. In addition, every candidate must be approved by the Dean of the School of Pharmacy.​

When will new members be invited to The Rho Chi Society?

Rho Chi membership is based on your academic and professional achievement during the first half of your didactic education. As such, invitations to Rho Chi will be sent out during the Spring Semester of your Second Year.

What does The Rho Chi Society have to offer?

  • Group Midterm Review Sessions
  • Individual Tutoring
  • Midterm Review Packets
  • Patient-Speaker Series
  • Presentations at the Weingart Center
For more information, check out our About Page.

What is the membership fee?

To be a member of the Rho Chi Society you must pay a one time $170 membership fee.

Which Midterm Review Packets will be sold?

Packets with Review Sessions

  • Pharmacy Practice
  • Biological Systems
  • Pharmacokinetics
  • General Medicine & Inflammatory Disease (GMID)
Packets without Review Sessions
  • Pharmacogenetics
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Self-Care (OTC)

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