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January 2019 - Dr. Michael Z. Wincor

For the first Rho Chi Spotlight this year, we would like to honor Dr. Michael Z. Wincor. Dr. Wincor has been very special to Rho Chi and especially to our Theta chapter. Dr. Wincor served as the faculty advisor for the chapter for over 15 years, starting his appointment in 2001. Dr. Wincor was also dear to the Rho Chi national office, serving as the Executive Vice President since 2015.

With Dr. Wincor’s guidance, our chapter thrived. We received four Chapter Project Proposal Awards, and we were recognized as the National Chapter of the Year five times, most recently for the 2014-2015 academic year. This past year, with Dr. Wincor’s guidance, the board submitted our chapter report, and we have been nominated to receive the Chapter Achievement Award. Finally, Dr. Wincor’s dedication to our chapter and to Rho Chi was recognized with the National Faculty Advisor award in 2009.

Dr. Wincor’s dedication did not end with Rho Chi. For years, Dr. Wincor was the course coordinator for the CNS Therapeutics module. Every student graduating from USC had the opportunity to experience the passion that Dr. Wincor had for teaching. He was always available for students, and presented a kindness that warmed hearts.

As the Associate Dean for Global Initiatives at USC, Dr. Wincor was committed to broadening our education and pharmacy practice on a global scale. Dr. Wincor served as a visiting faculty member and collaborated on pharmacy curriculums at universities throughout Asia and in Europe. He facilitated exchange programs with dozens of universities in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Ireland, South Korea, the Philippines, and other countries, allowing students and faculty an opportunity to both host and visit sister institutions. Dr. Wincor has touched so many students worldwide and his collaborations with countless programs will continue to impact future generations.

For this Spotlight, we thought it would be appropriate to collect some kind words from students that were close to Dr. Wincor to demonstrate his kindness, passion, and dedication to Rho Chi and USC:

“Dr. Wincor inspired hope in hundreds of students as a professor, mentor, and source of support. He always made himself available whenever anyone needed him, and always advocated for students, which is just a small testament to how dedicated he was to this school. His efforts in coordinating the very popular CNS module, his exceptional involvements in Rho Chi, and work in international affairs are just a few of the ways Dr. Wincor has had an impact on USC. It was an honor to work alongside him, and he will be so incredibly missed.”

-Lena Haddad - President 2017-2018

“Dr. Wincor was one of the greatest professors we, as students, had at USC. He was loved by everyone. With his passion for teaching, his warmth and sense of humor, he was able to touch so many lives. He was an integral part of USC and Rho Chi, and it was an honor to have learned from him and to have had the opportunity to work alongside him over the past year. He will be greatly missed but never forgotten.”

-Garine Tomassian - Vice President - 2017-2018

“Dr. Wincor’s kind heart, sense of humor, and warm spirit will be missed dearly. He touched the lives of so many patients, students, and faculty members and will never be forgotten.”

-Miranda Wong - Director of Professional Projects - 2017-2018

“Dr. Wincor was an incredible professor with a heart that never stopped giving. His passion for teaching touched the lives of many students and I am honored to have learned from one of the greats. His positive influence on USC and Rho Chi will never be forgotten, and his legacy at USC will continue to live on.”

-Eunice Kim - Secretary - 2017-2018

“Dr. Wincor was loved by everyone at USC. He was simple-hearted, caring, open-minded, and a great support for students. The positive impact he has made serving as faculty advisor for Rho Chi and course coordinator for the CNS module will never be forgotten.”

-Marina Boulos - Historian - 2017-2018

“It’s hard to find the words to express how much of a positive impact Dr. Wincor has had on those around him. His humor, positivity and kindness shined through in his interactions with students and will always be remembered as his most defining qualities. In addition to working with Dr. Wincor in Rho Chi board, I also had the privilege of seeing Dr. Wincor’s impact as Associate Dean for Global Initiatives during my rotation at Tokyo University of Pharmacy & Life Sciences. Each faculty member at the university held Dr. Wincor to the highest degree of respect and admiration. Their visible love for Dr. Wincor speaks volumes to the amount of care he devoted to building relationships overseas and sets an example for what it means to be part of the Trojan family. He will be greatly missed.”

-Lily Earnest - Treasurer - 2017-2018

“One would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t think Dr. Wincor was one of the best professors at our school. I remember the first time I entered his office, I looked around to see what seemed like dozens of awards and placards lining his walls. Many of them were recognizing him as a favorite professor for the P2 classes over many years, and they were all well-deserved. Going beyond his achievements as an educator, Dr. Wincor’s involvement with our chapter was essential to our success. His warm-heart and his kindness will be missed by all.”

-Matia Saeedian - President - 2018-2019

You would be hard-pressed to find someone who didn’t have something nice to say about Dr. Wincor. He was the person you could always count on to have a smile on his face and be willing to stop and talk to you no matter how busy he was. I was in complete shock when I heard of his passing and I will never forget what an amazing person and mentor he was to me.

-Allison Chacon - Vice President- 2018-2019

“Dr. Wincor was one of the most compassionate, caring professors at our school. He always had a smile on his face, he was always telling jokes, and students always felt at ease around him. He’s won so many awards and has had such a successful, distinguished career, and yet I’ve never met a professor that remains so down to earth and considerate. I feel like we should all strive to be a little bit more like Dr. Wincor. It was a great honor to be able to work with him, and I know that we will all miss him greatly.”

-Angelica Del Rosario - Historian - 2018-2019

“It was hard to believe the news when Dr. Wincor passed away. Up until that point, I had not realized how much of an impact he had made on our student life at USC. In the past few years, he started the global programs that widened the experience of many students and expanded it so that all pharmacy students. I was among one of the students. Under his guidance, Rho Chi society developed numerous study aids that benefits all the students, including me. Lastly, no one could ever forget his CNS therapeutics module. I enjoyed the casual talks with him whenever I saw him at his office, in the elevator, or classroom, and during different events. Without Dr. Wincor, USC would not be the school that we are familiar with today.”

-Victor Kao - Secretary - 2018-2019

“Dr. Wincor was one of a kind in every regard. As a pharmacist, a professor, an advisor, and as a person, Dr. Wincor led by example to show us there is no limit to how much success one person can achieve or how many lives one person can improve. He was a real advocate of his students and a supportive mentor to all of us in Rho Chi. It was truly an honor to have been able to work with Dr. Wincor and to share a few laughs with him, too.”

-Kevin Yen - Director of Professional Projects - 2018-2019

Though there is sadness in Dr. Wincor’s passing, we can remember the joy that he gave us as students, colleagues, and friends. Dr. Wincor has greatly influenced his peers and his students through his involvement with Rho Chi and USC. His guidance, passion, and humor will be greatly missed.


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